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Friday, October 29, 2004

Grrr! Windows ME!

I hate Windows ME. As if the big blue screen of death, the freezing and the error messages aren't enough, it's decided to develop issues with Norton. sigh. Reloading hasn't fixed them. The computer refuses to do a system restore to any date I've tried. And uninstalling and reinstalling hasn't helped either. I've no doubt this problem can be laid right at the foot of Windows ME. Fortunately, email is still being scanned in and out, and that's the most critical element, but it's still irritating. I'd upgrade to XP, but that would entail wiping the entire hard drive to do a clean install and then reloading everything. Been there, done that on the desktop and I still don't have everything reloaded. My good laptop can not come back from the shop fast enough! Especially since I have a deadline!