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Sunday, October 24, 2004

Power of Two is at 674!!!

Whooo hooo!!!! Happy dog dancing around the room! The Power of Two is down to 674 at Barnes and now, the lowest I've ever seen it! Totally, totally fab! Oh, man! I'm dreaming of double digits. Even 99 would be exciting, but wow, wow, wow!

This is only my second book ever and the first time around I was so stressed about everything, that I didn't get to enjoy things. I'm more relaxed now. Of course, my first book never broke 10,000 on so this is new ground for me. I'm loving these low numbers. Totally, completely loving it!

If anyone who bought a book is reading, THANKS!

And I'm still procrastinating on the synopsis that's due tomorrow. I just hate writing the things and I know I need to do a good job, not just hurry up and slap something together. It's just hard to write one. I have to balance the plot with the characterization and the character growth, as well as the romance and the suspense and every other element of the story. And all this in as few pages as possible. No wonder I hate writing the things.

Oh, well, at least in another hour, I can refresh my screen at and wait for the next ranking update.