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Sunday, October 31, 2004

So Far This Sunday

This darn Windows ME computer gave me the Big Blue Screen of Death this morning! Argh! I HATE Windows ME, I won't count the ways, but anyone who's been unfortunate enough to use it knows exactly what I mean. I still have to take some stuff off the good laptop so it can go in the shop, but after getting the BBSD, I seriously considered running out to Best Buy and getting a new laptop. They have a great looking Toshiba in their ad this morning. Of course, I can't afford to buy another laptop, but it's sooo tempting.

On the good news front,
The Power of Two is down to 195 on Barnes and! Hurrah! I broke 200. Now if I could break 100 so that I could print out the 100 top sellers for my scrapbook. I mean really, how cool would that be?

Now I need to get to work. Coffee is finished and I have a looming deadline.