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Thursday, October 28, 2004

Yea, Red Sox!

I stayed up WAY too late watching the World Series last night, although I didn't make it until the end of the game. Now that I see the Red Sox swept the Cardinals, I kind of wish I'd stayed up! The Red Sox and the Cubs were vying for most potent curse, but it looks like the Sox overcame theirs. It was great to see a team that hadn't been to the series in so long, a team that hadn't WON in so long, actually do it!

Only bad news is now I have no more baseball. I like to write with a game on and the sound muted, but guess it's the shopping channel for a few months. Spring training is a LONG way off!

In other news, I did get the good laptop taken care of. Kind of. I called the 800 number they have for service, and instead of just saying, "you need a new keyboard," they ran me through like a gazillion things. Took an hour! And now I have to send it in to be repaired anyway. That's okay, though, because the CD burner wasn't working either and this way I'll get it all fixed at once. The worst part is getting everything off the computer and then wiping the drive. All the passwords have to be cleaned off, all the favorites, all my documents. And then they all have to be reloaded when it's fixed. Ouch! But it'll be worth it to have a laptop where everything works. It's just going to feel like forever till I can get OFF this Windows ME computer.