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Saturday, November 20, 2004

Demon Powers

Right now, my big problem is coming up with powers for my demons, especially Mika and Conor. I need powers that are going to work really well in battle sequences because those are coming at some point. I also need Mika and Conor to have complimentary powers, so that when they work together, it increases their strengths.

The book I've been using as primary research on demons hasn't been a help on this score and my online searches have proved irritating. Either I get way too many unrelated results or I get a bunch of sites selling some Buffy the Vampire Slayer Role Playing Game.

Usually, I just ask my characters. Ryne, the heroine from my paranormal that's making the rounds, was more than happy to fill me in on her people. The problem is that demons have an instinctual aversion to discussing their talents and both Mika and Conor are very close-mouthed. Despite this reluctance to share anything, I do know two of Conor's abilities and I know what all demons can do in general. But Mika won't talk at all and she hasn't done anything that involve her specific powers.

So I'm totally at a loss and I'm fast approaching a point where I HAVE to know. I write by the seat of my pants and every chapter builds on the one in front of it. Which is also why I need these continuity issues with the other books resolved VERY soon. I'm almost 100 pages into the story, about a quarter of the way, and I'm afraid if I don't have some answers quickly, I'll be doing some massive revising and I don't have time for this.

Goals for the day: Stay OFF the internet. Write at least through page 100 and finish chapter 5 if possible.