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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Finally Some Excitement

I did an interview today with a reporter from the Chicago Sun-Times. How cool is that? I've got about half a gazillion relatives in Chicago, so one of them will be asked to buy a newspaper for me the day the article appears. I don't know when, but I sure as heck will be putting a link on my website when it appears!

Also spent the day writing a 2 page synopsis for my editor so he can address continuity issues my book is causing with the three books that follow. Which, of course, means I did no other writing. I no longer have a cushion on my deadline unless I really pick it up a few notches over Thanksgiving.

I saw a PDF file of my Booklist review and there is a star next to my name! Since Amazon didn't mention it was a starred review, I didn't think it was, but the PDF of the actual hardcopy page clearly shows one of those little babies. Hurrah! Um, to be honest, I'm not quite sure what the significance is of the starred review, but everyone is all excited when they get one, so I figure it's a really good thing. :-) I should ask my librarian friend about this.

My last piece of excitement, the headache is finally gone. My neck is still stiff, but I can think again. Double Hurrah! Of course, after 4 days over the Thanksgiving holiday on the laptop writing my Crimson City story, I'll probably have it back again. :-(