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Thursday, November 25, 2004

Happy Thanksgiving!

It's Thanksgiving day in America and pretty much everyone will be celebrating. I plan to take a short break to join my parents for dinner, but otherwise I'll be spending the day writing. I have a four day weekend and I'll be spending each of those days writing, writing, writing.

I had to revise my contest question again yesterday. Sigh. The contest runs 6 more days, let's hope I can get through them without someone cheating again. I'm getting so tired of having to come up with new questions. This will be my last contest for a while--at least until the new book is done. I don't have time for this. I still can't quite comprehend why adults feel the need to cheat. Good grief, it's not like I'm a multi-national conglomerate giving away an expensive prize. I'm an author with two books out.

I read through chapter 5 again, polished up that final scene. It needed a bit of work. Then I called it done. Today I'll get to work on Chapter 6. I have a gazillion questions I need answered, but I can't wait. Not on this short of a deadline. I figure I'm going to be doing some massive revisions before I turn this book in so I need to be as ahead as I can manage so that I have as much time as possible.

I'm still drinking coffee, so if anything I wrote seems convoluted, chalk it up to just waking up.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!