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Saturday, November 06, 2004


After days of spinning my wheels, I finished the first scene in chapter 3 today and I wrote nearly 8 pages! Poor Conor. Mika is giving him fits and he finally fled the room in full retreat! Hee hee. Apparently, changing POV was the answer because everything flowed once I did that. I just hope the writing flows tomorrow too and that I can finish chapter 3. I'm halfway there now.

In a side note, I really miss baseball. I like to write with a game on and the sound muted, but there won't be any more baseball for months and months. The shopping channel was just irritating today since they're pushing holiday gifts and most of them were uninteresting in the extreme. I think my cable company needs to get some winter baseball league coverage going here. I mean, come on ESPN is covering POKER games for heaven's sake! Surely, a little winter league baseball is more of a sport than some stupid card game.