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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

I did it!

Okay, so I swore I wouldn't do any searches for my book, but I did. However, I found an entry for TPOT on a board I'd never heard about before and I did not click on the link to read it!!! I consider that a major victory. Reading negative comments just drains me creatively and energetically, so resisting temptation was vital! I'm still excited that I did it!

In other news, I finished chapter 6 last night. I should have written a few more pages, but I didn't feel like starting 7. I'm still concerned that the ending isn't strong enough, but I still can't come up with any other way to get out of the chapter without adding another 10-15 pages to it. I'm already at 20 pages. After I flesh out the fight scene--which I'll probably save for the weekend--I should be around 22 pages. And where I ended 6 leaves me knowing how to start the next chapter. We'll see, though. I'm worried about this book having enough suspense and about Mika doing enough kick butt stuff. I know she will starting in a couple of chapters, but I don't know if that's soon enough.

Off to work. :-(