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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

It Was an Up Day

Monday was definitely a great day! I received a fab email on The Power of Two which perked me up despite the lack of sleep I was running on. This was the third or fourth person who's commented on how TPOT is more Science Fiction than the other books in the series and that puzzles me.

Don't get me wrong, I take it as a compliment, but the reason it leaves me scratching my head is that I rarely read SF. If I delve into that genre, it tends to be Fantasy. (And who has time to read any more? I work full time, write pretty much every moment I'm not at work, and still have to take care of my website and do daily life things.) As for TPOT itself, I only did as much research as I needed to BS my way through the book. I was on a TIGHT deadline and didn't have time to do much exploring of any of the topics I raised.

Anyway, the first time I heard this about SF, I was like, "Huh?" Even the second time, but now, after hearing it so many times, I have to assume that by some fluke of nature, I managed to write something that fits that genre. How about that? :-)

I also found out that TPOT got a mention on the website for a Lubbock, TX TV station, along with books by some heavy hitters. Maybe most writers would yawn over that, but I'm still new enough that things like this excite me.

And speaking of exciting, visited a message board I hadn't been too in a long time and found a reader who LOVED TPOT enough to not only go looking for Ravyn's Flight, but who also wants to read other futuristic romances because she thought TPOT was so good! So YEA! I turned a reader on to futuristic romance! We need all the readers we can get!!!

My last piece of fab news for Monday was that on the message board I was whining about last week, someone FINALLY spoke up in defense of TPOT! Hurrah! I make it a point never to interfere in reader conversations about my work. I think authors that do are being intrusive. If you're not known to be a regular on the board, or if you're not invited to participate, I think authors should butt out. But it was KILLING me not to defend my baby. Of course, defensive never looks pretty, so it's probably just as well I stay quiet. :-)

Writing update: I did not make my Monday page count. I wasn't even close. I did, however, rewrite the pages I had twice yesterday. Sex stuff is so hard for me to write. I think it comes out okay when I'm done with it, but getting to the done point requires a lot of rewriting. My Crimson City story is fast taking on elements of an erotic romance. Um, does anyone have some tips on writing one of those? I read the workshop on Emma Holly's website, but I think I need more help. Conor and Mika are all over each other.

Of course, Conor is still resisting and Mika is going to back off in this scene, putting Conor's needs ahead of her own. Nice character growth there. It also will help their relationship survive the fall out that's coming because Conor will remember she did this for him.

Remember in yesterday's blog, I mentioned I had a way to tie this scene into the plot? I still can't remember it! OY! I'm going to keep writing and hope that it comes back to me! Why do the best ideas always come when I can't or won't write them down? The shower, while I'm driving, or while I'm lying in bed trying to sleep. I wish now I'd gotten up and jotted down the gist of it on a piece of paper, but I was so tired and didn't want to get out of bed. Sigh. I'm paying for that now.