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Monday, November 22, 2004

It's Never Easy

I think I'm mentioned before how every book presents its own challenges. Mika and Conor seem prepared to offer more than the usual amount.

The big one right now is their powers. I know a couple of Conor's because of things that have already happened in the story, but that's it. Mika hasn't shown me anything that is individual to her. And I don't know the kind of powers Conor regularly uses when he's doing his vampire/werewolf bounty hunting thing. You'd think they'd cooperate with me, wouldn't you? After all, once I'm done torturing them, they'll get to live happily ever after. :-)

Now I'm only one day ahead of schedule and I still have the headache I picked up on Saturday, although it's not as bad. I'm hoping it's gone when I wake up tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

Oh! If you have any serious ideas for powers my two half demon and half human characters could have, please feel free to add comments to this post with your suggestions. I stress serious, okay?