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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

It's Only Tuesday?

It felt like a really short night and I am tired this morning. Last night there was a Leisure/Love Spell chat at Writerspace and it was lots of fun! There were people there who loved my books and kept telling me that, so it helped on the message board stuff. Of course, that's part of the reason why I'm so tired. I didn't get offline until after 9:30.

On the plus side of the column, I did my four pages yesterday and I finished chapter 3. On the negative side, I'm not happy with how I ended the chapter and I can't move forward on chapter 4 until I fix it. I've had zero time to think about it since I had to get some blurbs ready for the chat, and when it was over, I pretty much headed right for bed. I need some kind of suspense hook here and what I have is character stuff. It's also way too close to how I ended the first scene in this chapter, but not nearly as clever. Definitely needs some work. But plotting/suspense things still don't come naturally to me. Wish I had time to print out the chapter and look at it on hard copy, but I don't.

Goals for the day: Fix the end of chapter 3. Write 4 pages in chapter 4. Somehow.