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Monday, November 08, 2004

Let Me Find a Wall...

...So I can bang my head against it.

It was inevitable, I suppose. I took hits on Ravyn's Flight because it had too much romance and people complained about it being science fiction lite. (Which is what Futuristic romance is!) Now, I'm starting to take hits for The Power of Two not having enough romance. sigh.

I will allow that TPOT does have more plot in it that RF did, however, there is plenty of romance. It's just not a usual romance. In most romances, the hero and heroine get to see the outward display of who the other person is and gradually develop the emotional intimacy. Jake and Cai start out with the emotional intimacy being in place and they have to learn how to reconcile that with the outward face they both show the world. The whole book, every scene, is about Jake and Cai falling in love, learning about themselves and each other.

Anyway, I've got to stop reading message boards. It's rarely positive, since no one has yet to write the perfect book, and each reader has a different idea of what they like and dislike. With Ravyn's Flight, every single solitary thing I was criticized for, someone else praised. It's impossible to meet everyone's expectations. I just wish people loved Jake and Cai as much as I did. They're a very special couple.