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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Life's Balance

I find it interesting sometimes how life balances things. Take this week for instance. Earlier I posted about the slams I was taking on a message board--it was a little more extensive than I mentioned here--but then came Wednesday.

I mentioned in my post yesterday evening that I'd found one good review online. Well, after I posted, I found another. In fact, from what I can figure out of their rating system, 4 roses is the second highest rating you can get and that's what they gave The Power of Two. That was pretty cool! And I really enjoyed that the reviewer mentioned what she liked about the book.

So this week I had two slams and two praises. Balance.

Report on my day: Wrote required number of pages. Did not get to bed early. sigh. Overslept again this morning and see that with the wind chill, it's 20 degrees outside.

Goal for the day: Write 4 more pages and maybe finish scene 1 in chapter 4. (Poor Conor. Mika caught him red-handed and she's about to start playing with him. Or at least I think she is. The line we ended with yesterday was a good one and definitely looks as if she plans to tease him.)