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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Problem Solved...Maybe

I had a good writing day today. I think I solved my problem with the end of chapter 3 and it only added one page to my chapter. It also left me with a nice lead in for chapter 4, so I managed to meet my four page goal today. Hurrah!

Tired, though, and definitely ready for bed. I wanted to go to sleep an hour ago, but it took until now to get my scheduled pages finished. Almost had to go for the second, JUMBO, cup of coffee at work today, but managed to make it through the day without it.

Goal for tomorrow: Sit down and come up with some chapter goals for Four, so that I'm not floundering. (I do have an idea what I want to do since I didn't have enough room to squeeze this into chapter 3. I don't think I can drag it out till the end of chapter 4, though, simply because I need to get the story moving. I'm already at page 68 and I haven't written a prologue yet which could add another 10 pages to my total. All of which means I need to get Conor and Mika to spend more time together getting to know each other.)

Secondary goal: Stay away from message boards. (Um, no one noticed my fingers were crossed, did they?)