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Thursday, November 18, 2004

Still a Blank

I finally finished the scene with my demons. Mika backed off nicely and left Conor with a zinger. I'll have to see how it works when I send it out to my friends to read. I'm still not sure if the scene is hot or stupid beyond belief, so I'll leave that up to them to tell me. Anyway, I'm still totally blank on how I thought I'd tie this scene into the plot. :-( Next time, I swear, I'm leaping out of bed and writing this stuff down! I can't believe it didn't come back to me!

I didn't get much writing done yesterday. Lunch, which is usually a good time to produce pages, ended up being used up (or most of it anyway) with the laptop. One of the guys at work is pretty good with computers, so he took a look at my laptop with the keyboard issues. He discovered that it wasn't the keyboard, but the play in the case that was causing the problem. So next to no writing on lunch and probably none today since he's going to try to fix that movement in the laptop housing.

Yesterday afternoon when I got home from work ended up being a PITA. First, I had to update my website contest and change the question. Again. Believe it or not, there are people cheating to get this prize. (Title is linked to contest page on my website.) I mean, come on! Adults cheating and for what? It's one of the sweepstakes sites. I've had to change the question once before because of the cheating and I'll keep changing it until either the contest ends or these cheaters knock it off. I don't know whether to be pissed off or feel pity for these people. Their lives have to be pretty sad if they're cheating to win a Miss Army Kit.

The second thing I had to do was email a correction to Barnes & They have The Power of Two listed on it's own and all the other 2176 books together. That hasn't been fixed yet, but I'm hopeful they put TPOT in with the rest of the series today.

Then there was the computer thing. I swore I wouldn't mess around with the laptop yesterday, but I did. So I decided to get up early this morning and write before work. I got a lot done yesterday by doing that. Only wouldn't you know it? I couldn't fall asleep last night. :-( I did get up early, though. And the Windows ME laptop decided to act up. Lost time on that.

Anyway, I'm off to sneak in a few pages before work. Wish me luck. I'm eating up my cushion at an alarming rate. I really am going to have to kick ass this weekend to get my pad back up on this book. Of course, it would be nice if I knew what kind of stuff I was going to need to change for the continuity of the series. Still no conference call or email about this. And so it goes.