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Friday, November 26, 2004

They're At It Again

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, the people who cheat to win contests are at it again. Last night, someone posted the answer to my new question and half a dozen others hurried up to use it. Good grief. My opinion of my fellow man is sinking by the moment. I never thought anyone would do something like this even once, let alone repeatedly. The people I know wouldn't even think of it. Maybe I should consider myself lucky that those who are around me in my day to day life are not the type who would cheat.

The part I find most interesting is these people don't seem to think that anyone will figure out what they're doing. Pulleeezzee! It is SO obvious. I had to go in and change the question again. Five more days till the contest ends; can they go that long without cheating? After my experience with this group so far, I'm betting the answer is no.

No day after Thanksgiving shopping for me. Thank God! I don't do crowds real well, but I've been collecting Daytons Santa Bear since 1985 and I have the full collection. (Daytons is now Marshall Fields, but it will ALWAYS be Daytons. :-) But this year I mail ordered them and already received Santa and Mrs. Bear. They're dressed to go skiing. The outfits change every year so the bears are always doing something different.

I think you have to be from Minnesota to understand Santa Bear fever. Every year, I get up way early on the day after Thanksgiving and line up at the entrance to Daytons so that I can hurry across the store with hundreds of other people as soon as the doors open to buy two stuffed bears. Then we wait in line forever to ring out. By the time I head for the exit with my bears, the line is wound through the store. They actually put up those ropes to keep the line orderly because there are SO many people.

My bear collection has gotten pretty overwhelming, and I would have given this up years ago, but I was one of the lucky few people who managed to get the first bear. In 1985, Daytons was not expecting the demand and didn't have nearly enough bears. Well, since I have one of the coveted, hard to find, early bears, how can I stop now?

Something tells me this may be connected to my obsessive/compulsive nature. ;-)