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Sunday, November 21, 2004

Totally Shocked

I have to admit I'm completely shocked that anyone has visited my blog more than once. My life is so totally boring that I kind of figured I was talking to myself or a stray visitor that wandered through, yawned and left. Much to my surprise, I found out yesterday that this isn't necessarily the case. Did I mention I was shocked???

I basically work, write and sleep. If I could give up the day job, I'm sure I could find some more interesting activities to add to my list, but unfortunately, there's no end in sight. I vaguely remember when I used to have other interests outside of writing and actually had time to pursue them. But that was back in the 1990's since I started writing Ravyn's Flight in 2000. Some day, I may even get to read more than an occasional book again.

Yesterday was a good writing day. I didn't get quite as much accomplished as I'd hoped (only 7 or 8 pages), but the scene I finished had a really tough segment in it, so I'm still satisfied with my progress.

I had Conor and Mika talking about what had happened to his mother. It's a sensitive issue, so I had to really walk a line there. And Conor doesn't talk much, so I had to have what he did say be enough for Mika to figure things out, but not enough to go out of his character. Then there was how careful I had to be not to paint his father in too bad a light, but to remain sympathetic to his mother. (And after how his mother treated Conor, that wasn't necessarily easy).

Today, after I catch up on some email, I'll read through what I wrote yesterday, make sure it's okay, and then try to power write today. I should definitely finish chapter 5 today, then I need to start 6. I just need a nice little hook to scoot out of 5 with. Hopefully, something will come to me. I still have a headache from all the hours spent on the computer yesterday.