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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Beat the Clock

We're required to punch in before our shift starts or we're considered tardy. For me, that means I must clock in by 5:59 every day. I'm not a fast mover in the mornings. On the weekends, it can take me an hour to drink my coffee. That's the speed I like to move at. However, I also like to sleep! So every morning, I play beat the clock.

Just to make the game more interesting, there are a few obstacles in my path. First, the freeway I take has horrible traffic congestion problems. It is literally bumper to bumper at 5:30 most mornings. Second, two thirds of my commute is under construction. Third, a shift of mechanics and ramp guys starts at the same time so we create our own traffic jam the last few miles into work. And fourth, the stupid light rail train (carrying all of TWO people at that time of the morning) goes through the middle of the road I exit onto from the freeway. I have to cross the tracks twice to get into work and if there is a train coming, those lights are red for a very long time. :-(

Yesterday, there was a fifth obstacle. My badge wouldn't open the front door to the building I work in, so I had to go around to the other entrance. I punched in right at 5:59. Whew!

What I find somewhat entertaining (okay, I'm easily amused) is that there are three of us who zoom in at the same time every morning. It's me and two aircraft mechanics. Not only do we usually enter through a gate marked "exit only," we also park next to each other. Almost every day. Our three vehicles are usually lined up one, two, three. :-) The clock in my SUV doesn't always work, so if I see both of those guys are there, I hustle it across the parking lot. (It's a long walk for us contract employees. Management is apparently too delicate to handle first come, first served parking and all the good spots are reserved for them. Wimps!)

No MN weather forecast this morning. The Weather Channel isn't giving me the temperature or the wind chill. Whatever it is, I'm sure it's cold.