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Monday, December 06, 2004

Close, But...

It plain ended up being one of those days yesterday. Life seemed to conspire to keep me from writing. Oh, nothing major or important happened, just time-consuming annoyances. By the time I finally was able to just sit down and write, it was 7pm--almost 12 hours after I woke up! Does that suck or what? In light of this, I find it amazing I wrote close to 5 pages before I went to bed. It's particularly amazing when you factor in that I was watching a movie on TV last night. It's funny. I never watch movies and yet I see two in two days.

This one was a Hallmark presentation, something like, The Five People You Meet in Heaven. It isn't something I'll want to see again, and it didn't make me want to pick up the book, but I'm glad I saw it once. It had a wonderful message, about how things we don't even realize we'd done impact others' lives. The hero thought that he'd done nothing with his life, that he'd just stagnated and yet he finds out why he spent his life working where he worked. Anyway, if they repeat it or it plays on cable, it's definitely worth watching.

But becoming so involved in this movie meant I was basically writing during the commercials. I guess it's a miracle I wrote as much as I did. Of course, I haven't reread it yet. Maybe it's crap. I do know there's a lot of dialogue and I'm going to need to flesh it out a little. I stayed up way too late and it's way too early this morning and I don't feel like moving. On a positive note, before life's annoyances started interfering, I reread chapter 7 and I think it's okay. Of course, I'm worrying again about there being too much sexual play between Mika and Conor and not enough action stuff. I know that's going to change in a chapter or two, but I'm concerned that it isn't soon enough. :-(

I have to get going. It's freezing drizzle here today. I hate MN winters.

Updated to add: I tried to upload this to the blog from home, but the site was having an issue, so I'm at work and really early. Roads were more wet than slippery. Actually, it was a good commute in. Because I'd left so early and the roads were so good, I had a fairly relaxing commute in. I didn't have to curse out anyone! I need to leave early more often. ;-)

Also, reread the pages I wrote last night and I definitely need to flesh them out. They're downright skeletal in places.