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Saturday, December 04, 2004


I slept and slept last night. Didn't wake up until after 9:30 which is really late for me, even on the weekend. Had the jumbo cup of coffee and did an update to my firewall. That's one of the best parts about the weekend, the huge cup of coffee and time to drink it really slowly. :-)

Weird dreams last night, lots of them. The one I remember is evacuating Earth with the cast of "Friends." :-) Phoebe had become the bearded woman because of some wish she'd made or something and was trying to unwish it. Everyone was strapped into the space ship in pairs. It was really an interesting dream. Maybe there's a story here. :-) Of course, I'm lousy at dream interpretation, so I have no clue what the symbolism is. I just know I was entertained.

Writing went really well yesterday! It helps so much when I know what I want to do in a scene. I'm still 4 pages behind schedule, but I plan to make that up today. I was going to push ahead yesterday, but I was pretty tired when I reached the point where Mika starts playing with Conor again and I knew I needed to be clearheaded when I wrote that.

You know what's funny? I wrote 2 pages during lunch at work and just breezed through them. Then I got home, reread them and went, "EW!" The paragraphs didn't even make a lot of sense. It must have taken me an hour, or maybe longer, to rework what I'd spent 45 minutes writing! But I only had to cut one sentence. Everything else was keepable once it was reworked and the logical progression of thought put into place. :-)

I've got a lot to do and sleeping so late really messed up my schedule. Well, my intended schedule. I want to finish this chapter today and catch up on the four pages. Should be doable. I hope.