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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Kicking Into Gear--Late

Apparently, my brain works best late. After struggling all afternoon and evening, trying to write and not succeeding, at about 8:15 it started coming in. I probably wrote more in 45 minutes than I had in the preceding 3 hours. Of course, the question then becomes was it something I did? Like, oh maybe, start concentrating? =8-O

Of course, it wasn't exactly one of those days where I could be real focused immediately. Since it was the first of the month, that meant website updates had to go up. Switching from the "things" page to the blog has saved me time. I know, you're thinking how could a monthly rant about something be shorter than daily postings? Okay, if you add it up, it's not. But let's face it. It's not even 4:30 in the morning here. Ten minutes, maybe fifteen, at this time of the morning is easier for me to find than a half hour when I'm already updating half a dozen other pages. Plus, I don't have to stay on topic here, I can just wander around till I'm done or till it's time to leave for work. ;-)

While I was writing last night, I was watching "Animal Faceoff" from the Discovery channel. I have to confess to being hooked on that show. I find it hilarious to watch these animal behaviorialists trying to talk trash to each other like boxers do before a big match. Last night, however, it was a huge mismatch; the lion versus the Nile crocodile. I didn't have to see the end to know who was going to win that one, and sure enough, I was right.

I'm catching a ton of wrong words and repeated words, etc so obviously I'm too tired to be writing this morning. I'm going to reread before I post, but can't promise to fix everything. Wish I had the day off from work. :-(