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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

More Fight Stuff

Yesterday, I decided I was going to finish the fight scene in chapter 6. For sure. Since I'm working in chapter 8 and am more than half done, I figured I'd better flesh it out beyond "Fight stuff happens here." :-) I've been having the worst time with that scene and skipped ahead because of it. Normally, I can work my way through those scenes even though they're not easy, but this time it was no dice. I don't know why I had such trouble!

So I bought some episodes of the TV show, "Angel" and decided to watch some vampire/demon fights for inspiration and to see how they choreographed them. It kind of worked. Well, sort of. I did get like 4 short paragraphs written. Um, but I also became really interested in the episodes and wasted a lot of time watching season one. The episode when Cordy moved into the haunted apartment was particularly entertaining. :-)

I didn't finish the fight scene last night. :-( Although I figure I only have about another half a page to write there. I didn't get much written during lunch on chapter 8 because my cube neighbor was yammering away to everyone who came near our row. sigh. I normally lock myself in the conference room because of this, but someone had the nerve to actually schedule a meeting in there! Can you imagine? Using a conference room for work?

Keep your fingers crossed for me that the room is open today otherwise I may find myself in jail for homicide. Justifiable, but, well, you know.... ;-)