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Sunday, December 12, 2004

My Saturday

I think I mentioned yesterday that I was bringing the SUV in for an oil change, maybe get some new wiper blades, no big deal, right? Sigh. Six hours and $950 later, I pulled the truck into the garage.

The big expense was the brakes and rotors. Do you know how pricey those rotor things are??? Holy moley! But when I factor in that I've never put brakes on the SUV in the six years I've been driving it, I suppose the cost isn't horrible. And considering the kind of driving I do, (snow, ice, endless road construction, idiots cutting in front of me) it's not like I could wait to get them anyway.

I didn't sit at the car place for all those 6 hours, only 2. I had a loaner car and went home. I worked on getting my packages ready to go--for 3 hours. That's another holy moley moment for me. How the hell can it take 3 hours to get a half dozen or so boxes ready to go in the mail?

I worked on that from like 11 until 2. Logged on to check email, and had just opened my file to write when the phone rang. The truck was ready to be picked up. So back to the car place. After all that, did I write? Nope, I took a 2 hour nap. I'm so bad.

So now I'm 10 pages behind schedule and I have to get organized for the conference call we're doing tomorrow for Crimson City. Get my questions together so that I can get some answers. This should be enormously time consuming because I have so many questions.

Goals for the day: Get as much written as possible! Get organized for the conference call. Don't nap. :-)