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Monday, December 27, 2004

Spam, Spam, Spam

It's been an incredible month for spam. I've lost track of how many times I've been offered a "Rolex" watch or drugs. Of course, the spam email offers Viagra, Valium, Cealis (spelling?) and things of this nature. I'm thinking these people are idiots. Why don't they offer the good drugs? I'm talking about ANTIBIOTICS!

The doctors here in my area have gone insane about not writing prescriptions for antibiotics. I understand that there is a problem with antibiotics losing their effectiveness because of over-prescription, however, I've got a 13 year history of bacterial bronchitis and the last two times I've gone in, I've had to argue with the doctor to get the Z-Pack. I didn't even dare bring up the cough medicine with codeine in it. (The only thing that will touch a bronchitis hack.)

Of course, maybe the situation wouldn't be so bad if I could ever get in to see my doctor. Every time I'm sick, I have to get through the receptionists first and there is never, ever an opening with my doctor for the entire week (or sometimes two) when I'm sick. They'll offer the first open appointment with ANY doctor at the clinic--usually 10 days out--and then are surprised when I say that's not soon enough. Believe me, you hack for four hours straight without really stopping and 10 more days of it is NOT an option. SO then I end up seeing some strange doctor at some clinic I've never been to before. Sigh.

But back to spam. :-) I'm so tired of it and of the way they misspell words to try to fool spam blocking software out there (which is why I'm not sure if I'm spelling some of the drugs right). Then there is the spam that just has a number in the subject heading and the subject heading that uses my name in an ambiguous enough way that I have to check it out to make sure it isn't legitimate mail. I'm not even going to mention the porn email. What is with that? Gah!

My original topic for the morning was going to be about writing, but you can probably guess I checked email before coming over to the blog and you can guess that I had a heavy spam morning. I filter all my email, but I still have to process this stuff to get it off my server and I'm plain tired of dealing with it.

MN Weather report: 19 degrees; wind chill is 10. Flurries in the forecast which means we'll either get nothing or we'll get three inches. The weather people are never right.