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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Those No-Name Demons

In my demon world, there are different branches, some more malevolent than others. I named my hero's group and my heroine's. I had to toss a name in there for 2 of the assassins hunting Conor, but I hate having to come up with these names. There are demons from another group in my book, the most dangerous of them all, demons who strike fear into the hearts of other demons, but I was hoping to sneak by without giving them an exact name. I thought I'd just call them the "dark demons" and leave it at that. Well, now that isn't going to work. I need to come up with some kind of name for them. I'll have to play around with that.

Oh! I almost forgot! The newspaper article that I was interviewed about for the Chicago Sun-Times is out! I'm only quoted a tiny bit at the very end. I'm sure I said much more interesting stuff than that! I must have. Also, a small correction, I don't work for an aeronautical engineering firm, I work for a major US airline in engineering. But my cousin called from Chicago and the cover of The Power of Two is in the paper, so that's cool! And I had a lot of traffic on my website.

Which is how I discovered the article was in the newspaper. I'd forgotten to check yesterday because it had been a week since I'd done the interview. But I started getting all these entries in my contest yesterday. Tons of them. Whenever that happened before, it meant someone had posted the answer to my contest question on one of the sweepstakes websites. sigh. So on lunch, I immediately popped over to the site that's the worst offender, but the answer wasn't there. Okay, I thought, someone else, somewhere, must be cheating. I google searched with all kinds of different search terms, but couldn't find anything. Finally, with one minute left in lunch, it dawned on me to check the Sun-Times and there it was! Hurrah!

I have to confess I am totally glad this stupid contest I was running is over. I can't even believe I'm going to have to add a rule about cheating the next time I run a contest--which will NOT be any time soon. I never, ever believed that so many adults could be so dishonest. And I bet none of them see it that way. I think it's pathetic beyond belief.