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Thursday, January 27, 2005


I'm still scratching my head over the image I tried to load on the blog yesterday. I'm wondering if it's not a Windows Service Pack 2 issue because I can see the picture on my computer at work. I have no clue how to fix it on the new laptop so I can see images it doesn't want me to see. :-(

But my frustration with images didn't end there. I tried to update my website yesterday afternoon and the picture I wanted to add simply won't go up. I tried it on two different pages in case it was a glitch on the page I really wanted it on. Viewed the source code and the line of HTML that would put the picture in isn't there. I checked my document, the code is in there.

Okay, so clearly something is off. I use a crutch when I'm coding because I need to save as much time as possible, but I do know how to program in HTML, so I did a little hand coding in notepad and tried to load it off another ftp program. Again, every line of code EXCEPT the line for the image shows up. So what's up with that? I finally gave up and just used text. Much easier since I can't figure this one out at all. (And the computer I do my website on doesn't have SP2 on it.)

Edited to add: ARGHHHH!!!! NOW the picture shows up. Or at least the code for the picture. I'd deleted the image off of my server during one of my attempts at fixing things, so now the red X for a missing picture shows up. I'll have to fix it at lunch or when I get home from work. I remain clueless.

My nocturnal demon writing continues. I can't even settle down mentally until somewhere around 8pm which is SO not good. I get up at 4am for the day job and I end up playing a beat the clock game. How much can I get written before my brain shuts down for the night? Yesterday I made it until 9:30. At least I can still write on lunch. After so many years of using that hour every weekday, the habit is so strong even my demons can't resist. :-)

MN Weather Report: 8 degrees. Wind Chill: 0. Forecast: I have no clue which more or less continues my theme for the day. ;-)