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Monday, January 10, 2005

Computers. Grrr!

Sunday was another day with computer issues. Have I mentioned I hate Windows ME? I'm still working on the backup laptop because the "good" laptop is still having keyboard issues and I don't have time to waste another hour on the phone trying to convince someone hundreds of miles away that it's a hardware issue, not software. So yesterday I decide to try a different virus protection program because Norton live update hasn't worked in weeks. I've been going over to their site and manually updating every day, which is kind of a pain. Only once I get this new virus program up and uninstall Norton, I can't get any email. :-(

Rebooting and the million other things I tried didn't help, so I dig out my Norton disk again and reload. And believe it or not, this time live update is working. =8-O Of course, I also have to do all the updates to my software which took forever and required half a gazillion reboots. It was then that I discover my ISP is having email issues. It wasn't the virus software. This is like the second time in years on this ISP that I've had a problem and the first that it was systemwide like this. But finally I started receiving email and all is right with the world again. I'm just not sure if I'll be able to handle not going to the Symantec site every day for updates. ;-)

I still managed to revise the end of chapter 12 to include the stuff from chapter 13 and still write 7 new pages. I wanted to write one more, but I ran into another "powers" issue for my demons and had to stop and think. Plus, it was almost 9pm and I decided to sleep. I still have no answers for my question, but on the positive side, I feel better than I usually do on Monday mornings. :-)

MN Weather Report: 9 degrees. Wind Chill: 0 degrees.