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Friday, January 21, 2005

Finally Friday

This isn't going to be too interesting today. Sorry about that. I'm totally and completely exhausted. Beyond exhausted. And incapable of thinking of anything much to talk about. Except the weather. :-)

I was watching the news a couple of nights ago and they showed Miami, FL. It was 58 degrees there and people were putting sweaters on their dogs--Dalmations. Sigh. I found it absolutely hilarious that the people interviewed were talking about wearing winter clothes. You realize if it were 58 degrees here, we'd be running around in shorts, don't you?

But I can almost understand the wimpy attitude in FL. After all, they're used to heat. It's Boston that had me laughing. They showed people running into buildings to get away from the cold. It was -6 with the wind chill. Good grief. Boston should be used to cold, right? And for reasons why I find this so hysterically funny, please check the MN Weather Report at the end of each day's entry. We were having wind chills in the -26 range, and gee, the national news didn't find any need to make a big deal out of that. ;-)

Anyway, I tried to get to bed early last night, but while I put the computer away early, I didn't fall asleep any earlier. My plan for tonight is to sleep like 12 hours--or longer--whatever it takes to get my brain working again and then write like mad this weekend. My chant? It can all be fixed on revision.

MN Weather Report: 20 degrees. Wind chill: 12 degrees. Forecast: 3-5 inches of snow. (I have mentioned winter is my own personal hell, right?)