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Thursday, January 20, 2005


I downloaded Firefox to use as an internet browser because of some computer issues I was having with the backup laptop. (I won't recap my adventures with computers. Let's just say it's been a arduous few months with both laptops and leave it at that.) It's been in the last few days that I've started trying to use Firefox full time, but I don't know if I'm going to stick with it. There are definitely a ton of features about it that I like, but there's also some things about it that are driving me insane. The biggest is the text size issue. On IE, I would just set my browser to have the text large and it stayed large. On Firefox, I have to adjust it constantly, and here on blogger, while the rest of the page is large text, the stuff I'm writing in here is itty bitty font. With the hours I spend on the computer, both at the day job and writing, eye strain is an issue and Firefox is adding to it.

The other thing that's driving me insane is those Javascript windows some sites use. Firefox just plain won't open them. Yes, I downloaded the extension involved in this thing. I click on the link that should bring up the window and Firefox opens a new tab and does nothing else. I finally downloaded an extension that allows me to open the page in IE. Once I open it in IE, the window opens without any problems.

There are things I really like about it too. I have an extension with little weather icons at the bottom of my screen so I know it's freezing drizzle outside right now and I'm going to need to leave early for work this morning. I also have another extension that lets me add smilies and other faces. I can create tiny URL's and do instant searches on a gazillion different sites.

The big thing, though, is I really love the tabbed browsing. So much nicer than having a ton of windows open, especially since I'm on the ME laptop. Which I hate.

Anyway, I'm going to keep trying to get used to this thing because it has security advantages over IE too, but the two drawbacks I listed are pretty big annoyances for me.

I suppose I should mention writing. Okay, I totally freaked out yesterday and am still hyperventilating when I think about my demons. My optimism has plunged; I'm now sure the book totally sucks and I don't know who I'm trying to fool anyway. It's probably best not to share just how neurotic I am right now.

My best news of the day? I discovered that the Boomtown Rats will have "The Fine Art of Surfacing" and "Mondo Bongo" out on CD February 7th. I preordered from Amazon. I lurvvvv The Boomtown Rats.

MN Weather report: 18 degrees. Wind chill: 9 degrees. Freezing drizzle.