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Saturday, January 15, 2005

The Font Dilemma

I have a confession to make. I'm a horrible font slut. It's not a new problem, but computers have made it much, much worse. I have more than half a dozen font sites bookmarked and I routinely have Microsoft Works throwing messages about having more than 500 fonts.

This, however, is not my dilemma. I have no desire to kick my font habit and it's nice to have choices when creating graphics for the website. Which brings me to my problem. I'm trying to change colors on some of my web pages. I've already switched the Ravyn's Flight pages to olive green in order to match the book cover. Now I want to change The Power of Two to blue. Not just because blue would match TPOT's cover, but because Crimson Gate should have the crimson background I used for TPOT, right?

Here's where the dilemma comes in. I have to redo the title for TPOT and I can't remember which font I used. :-( That on its own wouldn't be that big a deal. I have a nifty free program called Font List which puts every font that's on your computer into an html document. Then I just scroll through and find what I want. Here's what the problems are. I don't remember which computer I used to create the graphics. :-( Again, not an insurmountable difficulty on its own, but it's compounded. Both my desktop and my "good" laptop have had their hard drives wiped.

I saved all the fonts off my laptop before I sent it in to be fixed and reloaded them, but the font isn't in that group. Okay, that must mean it came from the desktop. I wiped that one myself to do a clean install of XP. I'm not sure if I saved those fonts or not. I might have decided not to since I have so many on the laptop. I also have a 500 font disk. Loaded that and the one I want isn't there. I also have about three graphics programs and that's where it starts getting really ugly. Is this font from one of those programs? This is at least a finite number and I know right where those disks are. I'll check them later.

The worst case scenario is it's a free font that I downloaded from somewhere on the internet. All of the font sites I have marked have huge collections. So which of those sites did I download from or did I find it on some site that I didn't bother to bookmark? And if it is on one of those sites, where do I find the time to scan through their fonts? What if I miss it because of fatigue? Or because they used a different set of letters than what I used for TPOT? See how horrible this is becoming? I tried Identi-Font. That didn't come up with the name of the font for me either.

I finally got smart and started using the name of the font in the title of the graphic because it's pretty obvious I'm not going to remember and if I write it down, I'll never remember where I put the paper. But this doesn't help me with things I've done in the past. You'd think I would know better than to ever trust my memory. :-(

Edited to add: I found the font! Hurrah!!!

In brighter news, the scene that I had to cut and redo does work. Or at least I think it does. And I've moved on to the next scene in the chapter.

MN Weather Report: Temperature -12 degrees. Wind Chill: -24 degrees. I am so happy I don't have to go anywhere today!