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Sunday, January 23, 2005

I Caved

I swore I wasn't going to waste money on another laptop when I had a laptop I really, really liked. All it needed to do was get fixed. Again. Grrr. The backup laptop was fine. No problems. Until the last few days.

The exact same things that I sent the backup laptop in to be fixed for once before have cropped up again. I'm so frustrated. So I did it. I hopped in the car and drove over to Best Buy and got a new laptop. Part of me is unhappy to have to spend this kind of money on yet another laptop. Another part of me is thrilled to have a new toy. I think the happy side will be submarined when the credit card bill comes. :-(

I went with the Sony Vaio, which came as a huge surprise to me. I was thinking I'd go with Toshiba or Compaq. But when I started playing in the store, it came down to the Sony and a Compaq. The deciding factor was the Vaio keyboard was more comfortable, and considering how much typing I do, that was a big point in its favor. I also got the maintenance agreement. Of course. Considering my luck with laptops, could I do anything else?

I'm making backup disks now since Sony doesn't include them with the laptop. That's a big minus in my book. Then I'll start loading the software I need to write and get going again. Setting everything up will be a PITA, but better than limping along on the backup laptop and it's worsening problems.