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Monday, January 24, 2005

I Forgot

I've had laptop issues for so long now, that I forgot what it's like to not to swear at a computer every time I use it. =8-O Not that the switch over to the Vaio has been smooth. I also forgot how much work goes into setting up a new computer. I think I have most things the way I like it now, but it was a long road getting there.

The thing that is driving me nuts is all the little bubble reminders I get every time I boot up. Windows tells me I should set up automatic updates. Snort! Yeah, right, like I'm going to let them mess up my computer. I'll download the updates when I want to and stop telling me I'm out of date. Grrr.

After I get rid of that message, then another bubble pops up telling me my wireless network isn't set up. Well, that's a big DUH. I don't have a network, wireless or otherwise, and I won't be getting one any time soon. Why belabor the obvious???

It was kind of funny yesterday. I was updating the virus protection and firewall, which take forever, when the neighbor called. He wanted to know if I had power. This was about 4:15 in the afternoon and I was like, wow, your power is out? He said it had been out since noon. So I'm feeling all happy that I'm across the street and on a separate grid. It was less than 5 minutes later that my power went out too. :-( It was nearly an hour later before the lights came back on. I must have jinxed myself.

MN Weather Report: 21 degrees. Wind chill: 13 degrees.