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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

I Need Another List

I'm trying to remember all the things I needed to cover and/or add to this chapter I'm working on and wish I'd started another list. I know I'm going to forget something. I'll probably end up going back and adding stuff later and I've already got two items in this category.

On yesterday's dilemma, I just decided to finish writing that stuff and then go in the direction that took me. It doesn't take up that much room and I can always cut later.

Very tired. Words don't even begin to describe how exhausted I am today. Two nights in a row with little sleep are making themselves felt and I keep thinking, why can't I win the lottery? I mean aside from the fact that I never buy a ticket. :-/

MN Weather: 4 degrees. Wind chill: -12 degrees. Forecast: 1-3 inches of snow mixed with sleet. Winds 20-30 mph.