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Saturday, January 08, 2005

Ides of March

I had a friend point out last night that Crimson Gate was due on the Ides of March and saying that was a bad omen. I had to laugh over that since I am so looking forward to finishing this story and having a couple of weeks where I don't have to worry about deadlines. I am enjoying these characters and the story, even when they're driving me nuts, but I'm tired of not being able to do anything except write. I'm already making a list of things I want to do once the book is turned in.

Buy shoes! Okay, so I am a shoe slut, but I really need a pair of extra comfortable black flats to wear at conferences or at work. I only have one pair that fall into this category and I need a second.

Visit the scrapbook store. We have a huge store here, several of them actually, called Archivers and they're all about scrapbooking. I seem to have gotten into this in a big way, at least as far as materials go, and I'd love to see what other kinds of supplies are available.

Scrapbook! I've had zero time to scrapbook since March 2004. I haven't finished putting together my Ravyn's Flight book and now I have a ton of stuff for The Power of Two. I need to at least get the first scrapbook finished.

Go to a movie. The last movie I saw in the theater was "Titanic" so that should give you an idea how seldom I go to movies, but I want to just lose myself in a story for a while and let it sweep over me.

Read books. I was trying to think of the last book I read and couldn't come up with a title or a time frame. The problem is that I used to read on lunch while I was at work or when I got home from work and those are now writing times. My TBR pile is backed up to hell and gone and I've stopped buying anyone that isn't a must-buy author. I have friends' books backed up in the pile too and I feel embarrassed that I can't say I've read their latest.

I have other things on my list that are less fun than this. The problem is that I only get a short time off and then I'll be working on my next book. I'm not sure I can squeeze everything in that I'd like to do, especially when I'll be exhausted coming off this deadline. I'm already exhausted. :-( But dreaming about free time is making me happy right now, so I'm going to keep coming up with ideas on how to spend my two weeks. The Ides of March seem a long way off.