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Monday, January 03, 2005

It's Always Monday

I can't believe it's Monday. Again. Sometimes I wonder if I'm not caught in some cruel "Groundhog Day" kind of loop where every morning is Monday morning and I have the whole work week to get through again. And again.

The alarm went off this morning before 4am and the sadistic radio station was playing AC/DC "Back In Black." How can anyone play that song at 4am? And I'm so tired that it takes me half the song to figure out it is the radio and not some horrible nightmare that I have to endure. I hit the snooze the instant my brain woke up enough to figure out I could stop my own torture. ;-) Now, however, I have a massive headache and I'm sure it's from heavy metal in the morning.

It doesn't help any that I want to stay home and write today. Of course, it's the scene where the truth comes out that I want to write, not what I'm working on now. I lay in bed last night and I was getting all kinds of stuff. I'm sure by the time I actually reach that scene, I won't remember any of this. Um, TBH, I'm not sure I remember much of it now. :-( I'm hoping that's just an early morning brain dead thing and I'll get some of it back.

I've had a few people ask why I don't just skip ahead and write what I'm getting, then go back and write the stuff in between. It doesn't work that way for me. Everything my characters do and say builds on what came before. When I was writing my first book, I would hurry up and scribble out a scene that was later in the story only to discover when I reached that point that I either couldn't use it at all or I could only use it with massive rewriting. Since it only costs me time, I don't do that any more. I will jot down some bare bones kind of thoughts, but not the detailed, actual scene.

Yesterday was an absolutely crummy writing day. I thought I knew enough about what I wanted to do in the scene I was working on, but after I went to bed last night, I realized I didn't and that was why I'd had such a problem. I also figured out where to cut and start over. Of course, this was about 11pm and I couldn't get back up and work on it. Another reason to resent having to go in to work this morning.

MN Weather Report: 7 degrees. Wind chill: -2 degrees. High temperature: 17 degrees. Side roads still covered with snow and ice.