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Monday, January 17, 2005

Rolling Day II

Had another great writing day. Did a little over eleven pages. I could have written more, except it was late and I have to go to work today. :-( The scene is pretty dialogue heavy, I think, but I'll layer things in later. This is one of those scenes that covers a lot of ground, but has to have enough depth to each subject raised to feel complete. Anyway, I was able to torture Mika and Conor all day yesterday, so I had fun even if they didn't. :-)

I also realized something that worries me. I seem to write better (and faster) late in the evening rather than during the day. This wouldn't be a big problem except that I have the day job :-( and the alarm goes off at 4am. :-( So starting to write at 7pm and going for three hours isn't good. I was able to write on TPOT earlier in the day without any difficulty, I wonder why CG is proving to be different?

MN Weather Report: -8 degrees. Wind chill: -21 degrees.