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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Titles and Covers

Yesterday I found out what my title for my Crimson City story is going to be. Crimson Gate. I thought it was going to be something else since I liked the editor's original suggestion, and with it being his idea and all, I figured it was a done deal. Guess he changed his mind. :-)

I liked the other title better, but I'll have to let this one settle in my mind for a while and see what I think then. Good thing I didn't post anything on my website until I received official word.

Last night, I also needed to work on the information for the cover art. I'm not a visual person. I rarely "see" anything when I write and get almost everything by "hearing" the h/h. That's why I always try to find models out on the internet that match the character. I may not see them, but when I find the right picture, I always seem to know it. This time Mika was the easy one to find and it took longer to find the right Conor.

So my idea of giving them art information is to pass on pictures of my h/h, describe them in detail, including attitude and what they like to wear. The art department likes setting information too so I try to pass that along, but that's another one of those things that's a challenge for me since I don't see stories.

And it's a challenge to write because when I read, I skip description almost entirely. It's also something I go back and add to my own stories on one of my revision runs before I turn the book in. As a reader, I want very bare bones description/detail because I create my own scene in my head and I hate it when the author's vision interferes with my vision. :-)

My first draft appalls my writing buddy who loves detail. The finished version of my stories has more detail than I like as a reader. Since I still hear detail people complaining about my sketchiness, I guess I'm still not adding enough, but it's almost more than I can stand. I like to reread my books to revisit with the h/h and I skip the description in my own stories. :-)

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