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Sunday, January 02, 2005

Well, Finally!

It took me until 10:30 last night, but I finally made it to the end of the chapter. And Mika and Conor finally got to come. :-) The scene is rougher than hell and I'm going to have to do a lot of work on it, but it's there and I have something to work with. That's the important thing.

I should say "poor" Mika and Conor, but I'm not going to. They made this scene a living hell for me and they deserve all the frustration they received. Ha!

Have I mentioned before that I have this little motto when it comes to my characters? It's goes something like, "Torture them before they torture me." I think we were mutually torturing each other through this scene. I, however, get the last laugh because I know what's coming a chapter or two down the road. Conor and Mika better enjoy this while they can. (Insert evil laughter here.)

Edited to add: I figured out how to put LINKS on my blog! Hurrah! I added a link to my website (of course), a link to the Crimson City site, a link to one of my favorite romance reader bulletin boards, a link to my publisher's romance page, a link to one of the funniest movie shorts I've seen. It involves an airplane and a freeway. Great stuff IF you have high speed internet. If you're on dial up like me, well, do you have a friend with high speed? And my last link is to a site that has some very general information on Army Special Forces (AKA The Green Berets). I thought I'd add this since I've written 2 books so far with heroes from this branch.

MN Weather Report: 15 degrees. Wind chill 1 degree. Sunny. Roads (and lawns) are covered with ice and snow.