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Monday, February 07, 2005

Monday Meanderings

I ended up not watching as much of the Super Bowl as I usually do. From what I did see, I wasn't that impressed with the commercials this year. I'm hoping I missed the really good ones because I'd hate to think this was the best Madison Avenue had to offer. The commercial I liked best was actually a promo bit for NASCAR on FOX. It was the one with the pirates doing their swashbuckling thing. I can't figure out what that has to do with car racing, but at least it was visually interesting and seemed to be a high quality production.

I did actually catch part of the half time show. Usually, I avoid this because it's so boring, but I wanted to see what Paul McCartney did. It ended up being fun--he did a bunch of Beatle songs and the theme from "Live and Let Die."

My day at work promises to be full of more fun than any human being should have to suffer through. Our IS department--and DON'T get me started about them--reimaged our computers Friday night. Never mind that we just went through this a year ago when we got our "new" used computers. Some people actually had Web Shots on their PC's. Gasp. And this kind of anarchy must be quashed. Why the next thing you know, we might actually enjoy using our computers at work. (The best I can do in the sarcasm department at 4:30 in the morning.) Because of IS and their unswerving need to keep absolute and total power, I will now have an entire day where I get no work done because I'll be unable to access any of my programs. Sigh. I'm just too damn tired to deal with this crap.

Right now I'm estimating that Through a Crimson Veil is going to come in about 30-35 pages long. This will make it longer than the first version of Power of Two that I turned in last year and that story had more subplots going on. I'm not quite sure how I ended up with so many pages when I deliberately kept this story simple so I wouldn't run long. Maybe by the time I turn it in, I'll be able to trim stuff out and shorten it up a little bit.

The writing went really well on Sunday. If IS hadn't scheduled our department for a day of living hell, I would have taken today off and kept writing. Although maybe it's a good thing that I'll have some time to think about this next scene. I'm not quite sure how I'm going to work out a few logistical details yet.

MN Weather Report: 14 degrees. Wind Chill: 0.