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Monday, February 21, 2005

One Step Closer

I finished the epilogue yesterday. I haven't dared to reread it yet in case it's unintelligible. Not only was I running a fever, but I was using the heavy duty bronchitis cough medicine which contains codeine. For all I know, I have a five page mess on my hands. After I finish here, I'll take the plunge.

Bad night last night with the cough and the fever, but I think the anti-biotics are kicking in now. The cough isn't as deep. Of course, going to work today is going to be a strain. :-/

And to finish up, I still need to write the prologue. It's going to be in a POV (Point of View) other than my h/h and I'm trying to get to know this character well enough to write in his head. I know about what's motivating him in this scene, but I'm not sure if it's enough. I guess I'll just have to try writing and see.

Also printed out the entire manuscript for TACV and I'm going to start reading through it today. I really need to figure out what kind of revisions I'm going to need. Only 3 weeks till I have to mail this thing and I hyperventilate whenever I think about that.

MN Weather Report: 14 degrees. Wind Chill: 2 degrees.