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Thursday, February 17, 2005


I had one of those nights. I kept waking up from bizarre dreams, and when I fell back asleep, it was like a different episode of the same dream. Most of it took place in a hotel room, but then I moved to a different hotel room. Anyway, I'm really tired. I wish I could stay home from work again today, but there doesn't seem to be much point.

Last night, I watched a very interesting show; It Takes a Thief. It was on the Discovery Channel and featured two former burglars. What they do is show a family how easy it is to break into their house, set their house up so it's more secure, and then try to break in again. It's a hell of a scam for the two former burglars. :-) But I found the show very fascinating. I need to find out when Discovery replays it because 9pm on a Wednesday night is not going to cut it and I want to see this again. I have a character who steals--of course, she's a cat burglar, not a common break and enter house thief, but I still learned all kinds of stuff.

I kind of blame this show for my restless night, though. The hotel dreams had to do with intrusions through mostly open doors. Which is what this family was doing--leaving their doors unlocked.

MN Weather Report: 15 degrees. Wind Chill: 4 degrees.