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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Almost Halfway There

I finished the new prologue today. It's quite gruesome, though I did my best to understate things. It's a balancing act. I don't pull my punches, but neither do I go into excruciating detail. But I can still imagine some of the reaction I'll get to this prologue--if I don't have to change it on revision.

With that out of the way, I've begun my final read through of TACV. So far, I've found a few little things to fix, but it's been mostly clean. I'm on chapter 9 now out of 21 total and an epilogue, which puts me nearly at the halfway mark. I decided I better quit when I noticed I'd rewritten the same sentence about a dozen times and it made less sense now than it did when I started. :-(

I really got a late start today. Because of my insomnia thing, once I fell asleep, I slept for a long time. Until almost 12:30. By the time I had coffee, woke up and wrote the prologue, it was 5pm. I can't sleep this late tomorrow. I have to finish chapter 9 and make it through chapters 10-21, plus print the whole thing out and package it up to Fed Ex. Lots to do.

I'm looking forward to taking a couple of weeks off from writing. To not having to drag the laptop to work, to being able to relax when I get home from work. I still have plans to see a movie and do some shopping. I desperately need a haircut and I have to get my taxes done. Lots to do during this time off too.

MN Weather Report: 12 degrees. Wind Chill: 3 degrees.