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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Award of Excellence - Cool!

I received a call last night. The Power of Two is a finalist in CRW's Award of Excellence! This totally made my evening. :-)

I talked to my editor yesterday afternoon about Temple of Dreams, the working title of my next book, and found out it's scheduled out for September 2006. I kind of thought it would be out a little earlier, but September books should be out in August, right? We discussed the book, but the only concern was that TOD be able to stand alone for the people who didn't read Ravyn's Flight. I'd planned on approaching this book as if RF didn't exist, so I think we're set there. Speaking of Ravyn, my editor mentioned that the plan is to re-release the book shortly before TOD comes out. My other piece of good news for the day!

In one of those really weird life moments, I have an on-screen programming guide on my TV, and as I scrolled through it last night, I saw that "Predator" was on. I thought about flipping over, but in the end, opted to finish a few other things I was working on instead. I almost started laughing, though, when I saw it on the schedule.

MN Weather Report: 40 degrees. Wind Chill: 32 degrees. Spring has left, but the geese are back.