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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Empty Inbox

I heard about this Blogroller thing where you can link to other blogs on your blog without having to go in and mess with the code. I hate going in and messing with the code. Sigh. Even if it were all HTML, it still would be a pain, but there's CSS involved too (I think), and I don't know that well enough to feel comfortable.

So this blogrolling thing is supposed to do it for you. Cool. So I sign up--and never receive the verification email. They suggest doing the lost password thing and that will verify you, so I tried that. No email. Okay, maybe there's some weird spam filter that I know nothing about on my pattioshea account. I'll try my GMail account. No email. Tried resending that password. No email. I tried another email account hosted by yet a third server. No email.

Okay, clearly there's some problem here. I go to their help link and tell them what my deal is. No email reply. I'm about ready to start looking for another code that links to other blogs for you. I'm getting a complex, and everyone knows writers are neurotic. It's merely a matter of degree. :-/

Speaking of neurotic, no reply to an email I sent Monday. Hmm. Now does this mean too busy? Or that it's believed no reply is necessary? Or did something I say cause offense?

Told you, neurotic.