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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Grrr. Demon Time.

Another of those awful sleepless nights. This time, however, I refused to get out of bed. But didn't sleep till 4am anyway. Of course, waking up this morning at a halfway decent hour was ugly. I'm still drinking coffee and hoping to become alert.

Made great progress yesterday and am almost done with my first revision run through TACV. Then I'll begin revision run 2. Usually I do 3, the final round consisting primarily of polishing, but I'm not going to have time for a 3rd. I'll have to combine 2 and 3 and hope I don't miss anything. Right now, I really wish I had those 5 days back when I was too sick to work.

I did have a topic in mind for today--I came up with it while I was tossing and turning--but I can't remember what it was. :-)

Website of the day: Lite-Brite. Wonderful outlet for frustrated artists and a great way to procrastinate.

MN Weather Report: 18 degrees. Wind Chill: 10 degrees.