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Saturday, March 05, 2005

It's 1:35. Do I Need To Say More?

Yes, insomnia/demon time continues. I've had no more than 7 hours of sleep in like 3 or 4 nights, mostly less than that, and I still can't sleep. I finally decided to get up and work some more rather than lying in bed not sleeping. Sigh.

Things are going pretty well except for the lack of sleep. I had the Braves/Dodgers game on TV while I revised TACV and ATL won. Hurrah!

Found out the Cubs have traded away like the entire team! I don't even know who's left any more. Sammy's gone, Moises is gone. What the hell is the front office doing in Chicago?

I also found out that a King Tut exhibit is coming to the US again. How cool is that??? The exhibit opens in LA in June and then goes to Ft. Lauderdale, Chicago and Philadelphia. Um, does Ft. Lauderdale even have a museum? Anyway, I'm already making plans to visit the Field Museum when the exhibit is in Chicago. I heard the ticket prices are outrageously high, but that the money is going to restore historical sites in Egypt. I can live with that.

MN Weather Report: 32 degrees. Wind Chill: 24 degrees. (I haven't been out of the house in a week. The weather doesn't matter to me right now.)