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Friday, March 18, 2005

Log Jam

I complained earlier about not getting my blogroller thing to verify. Well, yesterday on all my email addresses that I used, I received the verification email. And the ones that I tried and tried to get verified on? Well, I got like half a dozen emails. Oops! I didn't realize I'd been quite that persistent.

So I'm all set up to start linking easily on my blog. Um, let's just say there's been a few operator errors so far and that I'm still trying to figure things out. Number one is trying to get the JavaScript that affects its appearance to work, but I'm not holding out much hope for that any time soon.

Plan for the weekend is to scrapbook. It's supposed to snow today, like up to 10 inches according to some reports, and I can guarantee I won't be going anywhere tomorrow. Besides, I already have my first clip for Through a Crimson Veil and I haven't finished doing the book for Ravyn's Flight yet! I hit the craft store today and picked up The Slab V which is 180 sheets of fab paper. (What is it about writers and paper? Or office supplies in general? Want to keep a writer happy? Drop her off at Office Max and let her browse through paper and pens and binders.)

Anyway, I have to go to work early today to make up time for Wednesday when I went to the dentist. (There's a reason why I changed the blog description to the glamorous and exciting life of a romance author. Thursday I had my taxes done. Whee! Can you feel the G-Forces yet?) I'm hoping to make it to work by 5am, then I'll only have to stay a little late. With the icky snow they're predicting, the ride home should be a total PITA.

MN Weather Report: No snow yet!!!