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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Ravyn's Flight Thoughts

I was screwing around online yesterday and saw on Amazon that someone is charging $26 for Ravyn's Flight. (That's the not the highest price I've ever seen on the book, but the seller that was trying to get $60 eventually lowered their price. No surprise there. Who would pay $60 for one of my books?) Anyway, I saw the $26 and I was like whoa! There have to be better deals than that out there. (I've been getting emails from people asking me where to find a copy, so I try to keep up on this at least a little.) I hopped over to next. They didn't have any copies for sale at all, but eBay had 2. Including one copy up for a penny. Yep, one single cent. And people wonder why writers are insecure. :-/ Bidding has brought the price up a little, soothing my poor, tattered ego, but it's certainly a big come down from $26. ;-)

Before I came to post, I double checked Amazon, Half and eBay to make sure my info was still accurate and saw that someone had posted a new review for RF. It was a pretty good one, although she dinged me a star because something was similar to "Predator." I think I'm going to have to watch this movie now. I've never seen it before, cross my heart and hope to die. ;-) Oh, a few minutes here or there as I flipped through the channels, and when Jesse Ventura was our governor, we had the line "I ain't got time to bleed" replayed over and over and over, but I didn't know about the mud thing.

I'm absolutely hopeless at watching most movies. I get bored and wander away or start doing something else and become so interested in my project that I lose track of the TV. But I am going to make myself sit down and watch now. My curiosity is raised.

And speaking of movies, I think "Sin City" looks interesting. I vowed to see a movie in the actual theater before I started writing my next book. The last movie I went out to see was "Titanic" 1997! =8-O I've been paying attention to the listings the last two weeks, but this is the first film that caught my interest. I'm hopeful it's good and worth my time.