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Friday, March 11, 2005

Still Backwards

I always seem to do things out of order. If I discover an author I haven't read before, and if they're writing a trilogy, I find them with book 2 or 3. It seems as if I'm always reading series out of order. So it comes as no surprise that I've run into the same problem with my computer.

One of the loops I'm getting digest mail from had a post about a great way to organize bookmarks and research information. And they have a free version of this program. I downloaded it and I really like it. It lets me save the actual web page instead of a link or to cut and paste info off the website and save that. All with the link back to the page and any notes that I want to make. It's completely fabulous for writers! I'm so happy I took the time to read digest the day this was mentioned. The program is NetSnippets. It also lets me import my favorites from IE. Which left me with a small problem--I stopped using IE several months ago.

Okay, I think, well, I don't know at this point whether or not I like this software. Let's just export what I have in IE now and just test things out. It only took me a few hours to decide I LOVE this thing, but now I have to get my Firefox bookmarks to IE so I can transfer them into the new program. Find an extension, do the transfer, do the import, but my IE bookmarks are hugely unorganized and now I don't know which file has the latest and greatest. To make matters worse, I had saved some new files into the Snippets program. But finally, I figured things out and got set up. Cool, right?

Well, it would have been, except the next day, I find another cool free program, AM Deadlinks. (For some bizarre reason, I can't get the link to show up for this site. It's blocked and/or missing, but the one for Net Snippets shows up. I've tried about half a dozen different things to get it to appear and it's just not happening. Since I don't have time to mess with it anymore, I'm just going to hard type the link in and if y'all are interested, you can cut and paste. AM Deadlinks can be found here: ) This program scans all your bookmarks and tests them to see if they're still working. You can delete duplicate links and links that are dead, etc. Totally fabulous. But now it means I have to fix bookmarks in two places since I've added so much to Net Snippets that there's no way for me to just start over without loosing too much great info.

So my recommendation is do AM Deadlinks first, then import to Net Snippets. It's the way to do it. And I wish I had. :-)

Before anyone thinks I've been screwing around and not working, I've been very diligent on TACV, but I need breaks from it now and then to let it settle and that's when I've been playing with this other stuff.

On TACV, I'm still extremely unhappy with what the prologue gives away. I'm still mulling over another way to handle it.

MN Weather Report: 28 degrees. Wind Chill: 17 degrees.